A Series of High Impact Video for Georgetown University

September 5, 2018

Nowadays, every company is thriving to include videos in its strategy since it’s the most effective way of delivering a message and/or information. One of these institutions was Georgetown University, GTU needed a series of high impact, long form, educational lecture videos for theMaster of Science in Finance online program, which takes talented financial professionals and transforms them into recognized leaders in their profession. At the program’s core is a world-class curriculum that consists of rigorous coursework, real-world applications, a global outlook, and a commitment to ethical values.  The program was initiated and led by Wiley, a comprehensive technology company that designs, implements, and supports innovative learning experiences for higher education.

The project was part of a yearlong collaboration that involved on-campus and in-studio productions. A 10-person team conducted pre-production planning, script consulting, production, post-production editing, and 2D animation work.