Tabasum Lutfi

Tabasum Lutfi

September 20, 2017

Director of Operations | LinkedIn

Tabasum Lutfi is the Chief Operating Officer at TriVision. In that role, Tabasum oversees all client relations and company operations. In addition, she leads all TriVision public relations and social media campaigns and manages campaigns for clients across various online and digital platforms. Tabasum also spearheads key business development initiatives, with a particular emphasis on business capture. As part of her efforts to promote the TriVision brand, Tabasum prepares and edits organizational publications for internal and external audiences.

Tabasum plays an integral and versatile role in the company’s expansion — due in large part to her exceptional ability to employ diverse skill sets and quickly adjust to challenging work environments.

Tabasum graduated from George Mason University with a BS in Marketing and a BS in Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems with a minor in Information Technology.