5 Ways Video Production Can Boost Your Business in 2024

How to Use Video Production to Increase Sales and Engagement in 2024

As technology advances and our online behaviors continue to change, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve in terms of marketing strategy. Video production has quickly become a necessary tool for businesses seeking to increase sales and engagement with their target audience. In 2024, video production will be more important than ever as social media platforms continue to focus on video content. If you want to stay relevant in your industry, incorporating video production into your marketing strategy is a must. In this article, we’ll explore five ways that you can utilise video to boost your business and stay ahead of the competition. With the right approach and production quality, you can use video to tell your brand story, showcase your products, and connect with consumers in a more meaningful way.

1. Product Demo Videos

Product demonstrations are a fantastic way to show off the benefits of your product to potential customers. By creating a visually appealing and informative video that demonstrates how your product works, you can generate interest and increase sales. With the availability of 360-degree product demonstrations, you can take your video to the next level by allowing the viewer to explore your product from all angles.

An example of a product video or TV commercial our team at TriVision produced was for Fanny Pants Smarter in which our team used the power of 2D animation to demonstrate how the product worked. Through the use of animated characters and a captivating narrative, viewers are able to see the uniqueness and functionality of Fanny Pants Smartwear. 

2. Social Media Video Advertising

As social media platforms continue to prioritize video content, video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms are becoming more effective for driving traffic to your website and increasing conversions. Using video in your social media advertising provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality, connect with your audience, and stand out from the competition.

Although ad fatigue remains a persistent issue for marketers, YouTube is the only major social platform where viewers are a bit more accepting of watching video ads. Gartner data shows that nearly a third (31%) of social media users expressed openness to advertising on YouTube specifically. 

TikTok is also a huge platform where video ads have taken off. By using TikTok’s AI-driven advertising approach means more effective targeting. By understanding users’ behavior and preferences, TikTok uses sophisticated AI algorithms to serve hyper-personalized ads, making them more relevant and engaging to the viewer. 

Despite the potential challenges of ad fatigue and brand safety, social media will continue to be a key digital media investment for brand-to-consumer interactions.

3. Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming is a powerful way to build a more personal connection with your audience. With video live streaming, you can showcase events, offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company or showcase VIPs. Live content creates an authentic and unique experience that will increase your brand loyalty and engagement.

Many social media platforms now have live streaming features that brands are using to interact with their audience. This can be a live Q & A session or bringing in a special guest to discuss a specific topic. Live streaming on apps like TikTok also allows you to be discovered by an untapped audience who are not necessarily following you.

If the budget allows, you can also hold your company events and conferences via live streaming. TriVision has successfully produced live streaming events and productions for various clients one of which was for Cvent CONNECT Virtual Conference 2020. This global virtual event which happened in the thick of the pandemic, was one of our first major live virtual conference we executed for a high-profile client which consisted of 2 days of full-day production in our studio facility. The event was a momentous success for both Cvent and TriVision with an unprecedented 40,000 registrants, making it the largest gathering of meeting and event professionals in history at the time. 

4. Instructional or Training Videos

Instructional or training video production is an effective way to educate your audience on how to use your products or services. Instructional videos help break down complex procedures or problems while offering a hands-on approach to learning. An added bonus is that instructional videos will reduce the rate of inquiries, which will free up your customer service team to focus on more complex issues.

The healthcare industry is probably of the most common industries instructional or training videos are used in. These videos play a crucial role in keeping medical professionals informed about the most current practices, showcasing correct procedures, and enhancing patient care The videos also ensure standardized training, reduce risks, and improve overall healthcare outcomes.. TriVision has produced a ton of training and instructional videos for both government and commercial clients. Below is a training video we produced for FDA for their CDER Informatics Platform. 

5. Customer Testimonial Videos

Using your customers’ voices to build your brand and promote your product is one tactic that has stood the test of time. However, video testimonials give your potential customers the opportunity to see your brand or product through the eyes and experiences of others. It will help build trust by providing genuine reviews and endorsements from real people.

The great thing about customer testimonial videos is that you can share them on your website, on your social media channels, and even as a form of video advertising. People tend to find customer testimonies more relatable and relevant than event product demos or tutorials. Here is an example of a customer testimonial video we produced for Dr. Riaz Rayed from our client, Smiles at Fairfax Corner, who is speaking about his experience using our services.

Are You Ready to Add Video Production to Your Marketing Strategy?

The use of video in business marketing has been on an upward trend in the past few years. For that reason, it is essential to prioritize video as part of your marketing strategies in 2024. By implementing these five easy methods to add video to your marketing strategy, you will not only increase engagement with your audience but also enhance brand awareness and drive traffic that will help generate sales.

Video marketing is exciting and a journey through innovation and creativity. Start your journey today, and achieve unrivaled success with video marketing in 2024!

TriVision is a full-service video production company with 25+ years of experience serving the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland region that can create impactful video content to reach your marketing goals this year. Reach out to one of our team members for a free consultation. To view what kind of video would benefit your business the most, visit our portfolio page.



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