From its headquarters in Dulles Virginia to its downtown (partnered) Baltimore studio facility and its studio in the heart of Washington DC, TriVision has a vast network of production studios, making it one of the largest production houses in the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland area.

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Chantilly, Virginia Media Production Studio Facility

TriVision has Northern Virginia’s largest and most versatile production studio; it occupies more than 12,000 square feet.  Located near the Dulles International Airport, and Technology Corridor, the facility is very convenient for most of our corporate and government clients.

Studio Features

  • Multiple Studios and Sets for a Variety of Productions
  • Sound Stage Studio for Chroma-Key Green and Infinite White hard Cyc (24’W x 40’L x 14’H)
  • Additional Infinite Green and White Cycs with Black Drape Backgrounds (16’W x 14’H x 10’ floor)
  • Available Lighting Grid for Creative Lighting Options
  • Control Room with Editing Suites
  • Sound Recording Audio Booth with Multi-Track Pro Tools System
  • Large Performance Stage with audience seating of up to 200
  • Multiple Dressing Rooms, Makeup Rooms and Green Rooms
  • Executive Conference Room with Large Flat Panel Display and Wi-Fi High-Speed Internet
  • Kitchen with Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Three Loading Docks and Free Parking for Up to 50 Cars
  • Optional Crew and Professional Equipment Gear Rental


Downtown Washington DC Media Production Studio Facility

Enclosed Studio

In addition to our soundstage studio, we have an enclosed sound treated studio, which is directly wired to our control room and has a lighting grid for creative lighting. This smaller studio is ideal for more candid or green screen productions with less on-camera talent; the enclosed space is private and a perfect option for smaller productions.

Studio Features:

  • Acoustically Treated Soundproof Green Screen Hard Cyc Studio 20’W x 20’D x 9’H
  • Ceiling Lighting Grid with Fluorescent and LED Lights
  • Pre-Wired to Dedicated Control Room
  • Choice of Green Screen Hard Cyc or Black Velour Drapes

TriVision’s newest studio is located in downtown DC in the prominent Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.  It’s the 2nd best address in DC – right down the street from the White House!  The studio also has direct access to the Metro, and is mere blocks away from many major government agencies and the central DC business district.

The studio includes:

  • Live Production Facilities with Multiple Studios
  • Multimedia Studio with News/Interview Set and Creative Lighting
  • Hard Cyc Green Screen Chroma-Key Studio with Lighting Grid
  • Access to Large Event Venue for Live Audience Productions
  • Control Room with Full Access to Both Studios
  • Live Multi-Camera HD Switching and Streaming Capability
  • Ultra HD 4K Professional Cameras, Recorders and Displays
  • Post-Production Editing Suite with Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Rental and Sales of Professional Audio-Visual Equipment


Baltimore’s Premier Downtown Media Production Studio Facility

This versatile and modern downtown facility is Baltimore, Maryland’s largest; it covers 10,000 square feet across 2 floors. Conveniently located at the Real News Network just minutes from Baltimore’s world-renowned Inner Harbor, Baltimore Studios provides space for multimedia productions, studio rentals, town hall meetings, projection screenings, and special live performances.

Baltimore Studios offers clients comprehensive solutions for video productions, photography, live switching / streaming, and audio-visual services. Our team includes experienced producers, directors, writers, videographers, lighting & sound technicians, graphic designers, editors, and animators.

Soundstage Studio

Our new, custom built soundstage studio is suitable for live performances, shows, projection screenings and special event gatherings of up to 110 people.

Studio Features:

  • Large Acoustically Treated Soundstage Studio 60’x40’
  • Control Room, Storage Space, Green Room, Makeup Room, Loading Dock and Cafe
  • Large 30’Wx 12’H Green Screen Hard Cyc for Chroma-Key and Virtual Set Productions
  • Fully Equipped Control Room with Horizontal Window Facing the Main Studio
  • Ceiling Lighting Grid with Fluorescent and LED Lights Controlled from the Control Room
  • Stage for Live Performances and Events
  • Seating for up to 110 Persons, with Risers and Stage Options Available
  • Black Velour Drapes on Curved Track for All Around Blackout Sets
  • Large Projection Screen with High-Res Projector for HD Playback or Live TV Broadcasts
  • Executive Conference Room
  • High-Speed Internet via Wi-Fi or Hard Wire
  • Catering Service Available Up on Request
  • Professional Equipment and Crew Available
  • Free Parking Available with Advance Studio Bookings