The Impact of Educational Video Production in Schools

How to Use Videos Effectively to Boost Student Engagement and Enrollment

In today’s digital age, students expect a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Many schools and educational institutions are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture student attention and promote their programs. This is where educational video production comes in – it’s no longer a bonus, it’s a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way you connect with prospective students and enhance the learning experience for current students.

Here at Trivision Studios, we understand the transformative potential of video production in education. From creating online educational courses for IMF to capturing students in action at Nysmith School for Gifted and live-streaming a virtual classroom for K12, our team has gained valuable experience in producing high quality video content for various educational  purposes.

If you are in the education industry, the outline below explores different ways you can leverage video production to boost student engagement and enrollment.

1. Showcase Your Campus and Facilities:

  • Virtual Tours: Take prospective students on a captivating journey through your campus. Highlight unique facilities, classrooms, libraries, and student hubs. Showcase the vibrant atmosphere and sense of community that sets your institution apart.

  • Drone Footage: Provide breathtaking aerial views of your campus, dorms, and surrounding areas. This can be particularly impactful for institutions with scenic locations. Below is a highlight video we produced for Nysmith School for the Gifted showcasing the campus facilities and students and staff in action.

2. Enhance Online Courses:

  • Explainer Videos: Break down complex topics into easily digestible chunks. Use animation, graphics, and clear narration to deliver key information in an engaging format.
  • Interactive Videos: Incorporate quizzes, polls, and clickable elements to boost student engagement and interactivity within online courses.
  • Faculty Lectures: Record high-quality lectures that students can access on-demand. This allows for flexibility and caters to various learning styles. Below is a sample of a lecture video we produced for Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business for which we launched their first online courses for its Master of Science in Finance online program.

3. Humanize Your Institution:

  • Student Testimonials: Let your current students be your ambassadors! Feature testimonials about their experiences, campus life, and the impact of your programs.

  • Faculty Profiles: Introduce your esteemed faculty members. Showcase their expertise and passion for teaching to add a personal touch and build trust with prospective students.

4. Promote Special Programs and Events:

  • Event Trailers: Generate excitement for upcoming open houses, workshops, and campus events with dynamic video trailers.
  • Program Spotlights: Create engaging videos that highlight specific programs, majors, and student activities. Below is a program video we produced for BarT Summer Camps which highlighted the programs’ many activities and campground facilities.

The Impact of Video in Education

By incorporating video production into your marketing and educational strategies, you can expect several positive outcomes:

  • Increased Student Engagement: Videos capture attention, stimulate interest, and enhance knowledge retention compared to traditional text-based materials.
  • Improved Learning Outcomes: Interactive videos and explainer videos can personalize the learning experience and cater to diverse learning styles.
  • Enhanced Recruitment Efforts: High-quality campus tours and program spotlights can significantly improve your ability to attract top students.
  • Global Reach: Videos transcend geographical boundaries – you can connect with prospective students from all over the world. For example, the online educational courses we have been producing for International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s Online Learning Program reach students in over 197 member countries worldwide. Read case study.

Getting Started with Video Production

Whether you have an in-house creative team or choose to partner with a professional video production company like Trivision Studios, the possibilities are endless. Start by identifying your goals and target audience. Craft a clear message, and focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your viewers.

At Trivision Studios, we’re committed to helping you leverage the power of video to elevate your institution’s brand, enhance student learning, and achieve your enrollment goals. Let’s explore the possibilities together! Click here to get in touch.

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