Is Video Production as Flexible as National Cherry Blossom Festival?

To work in marketing, advertising, public relations, video production, or any creative business, you have
to be FLEXIBLE with your work, flexible with schedule, and flexible with your team. This is the truth no
matter what line of work you’re in.

Although, being flexible at a marketing agency or your job may force you to become a contortionist to
get the job done.But, if the job finishes within scope and budget, it’s worth it.

It’s not just small businesses or organizations who must be flexible, well-established large and
prominent organizations need to do it, too. One organization who is showing off its flexibility is the
National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. the non-profit organizing the D.C Cherry Blossom Festival.
Annually, they organize the National Cherry Blossom Festival opening ceremony. The 2018 opening
celebration was supposed to be Saturday March 24th, However, they had to move it to Sunday March

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What caused them to move the date?

On March 24th, 2018 people gathered in Washington D.C for the March for our Lives rally. The rally
called for actions to prevent gun-violence. Thousands of people participated- meaning the city closed
roads, diverted traffic, and prepared the Metro in order to accommodate all the protesters. (Fun Fact:
The Cherry Blossom opening ceremony is one of the Metro’s busiest days)
National Cherry Blossom Festival officials carefully concluded to move the date of the Cherry blossom
opening ceremony based on recommendations given to them by city officials.

Fast forward to Sunday March 25th, the National Cherry Blossom Festival celebration and performances
at the Warner Theater went smoothly.

Another way the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. was flexible was calling when to push peak
bloom dates back. Due to early spring snow, the peak bloom dates are scheduled April 8th

Weather itself is a huge obstacle. Especially if you film a video production outdoors– which we had to do.
Throughout pre-production, our team were scanning weather channels to pick the right date to film
outdoors. It seemed like one day would prevail to be the perfect date. Suddenly, five days before the
scheduled production, a Nor’easter decided to pass through our film location.

Our team coordinated other possible production dates that would work with the production crew. Our team made calls, and
sent numerous emails to team member to make sure everyone was available during the new set date.
By making quick and strategic decisions early, we were able to film on a suitable date.

Moral of the story: Being flexible is worth all the effort.




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