Why Choose a Local Video Production Company for Your Business?

Location Matters in Video Production

When it comes to video production services, competition is fierce online and it’s easy to fall into the trap of hiring a company that can do everything for a much cheaper price. With the plethora of video production companies available in the market, selecting the right video production company that can meet your unique requirements can be a challenging task. 

A key factor that you must consider while choosing a video production company is its locality to you. Here are five reasons why choosing a local video production company for your business is the best decision you can make.

1. Better Understanding of Local Market

Creating a marketing video that resonates with your target audience usually requires a deeper understanding of the local market and that is why local video production companies have an edge over others. A local video production company not only understands the local market, but also its nuances and can help your video content connect with the audience better. They understand the culture, the people, and the language of the area, which will help them create videos that better resonate with the community. 

For example, Nysmith School for the Gifted, hired us, a local video production company and creative agency, to help them with their marketing, including producing a video to promote their services in the local market. The captivating and lively marketing video we produced which is now displayed on their website, also created by us, captures the unique atmosphere and exceptional educational opportunities offered by Nysmith School. 

Our team produced a marketing video for Nysmith that bursts with fresh and engaging visuals, reflecting the fun-filled learning environment that awaits students. By choosing a local video production company that was able to come into the school to film the students and classrooms in action, Nysmith has a marketing video that authentically captures their brand and resonates with their audience.

2. Best Value for Your Money

Choosing a local video production company can help you save on several costs, including travel expenses and accommodation costs. With a local production team, there are no additional expenses, which can prove to be a significant advantage for small businesses. A cost-effective solution is always an advantage, especially when it comes to video production. With a local company, you can expect high-quality video production at an affordable price point.

While it’s important to save money and cut costs, a few extra expenses such as saving on travel costs should not be the primary factor when choosing a video production company. Their past performance and client reviews matter more and can potentially save you more money in the long. There are plenty of local video production companies in the Washington DC area that can perform high quality work at a fraction of a price.

For example, our large production studio located in Chantilly, Virginia, hosted a virtual production for Prince William County, VA, called “Take Your Business Beyond” Virtual Roundtable featuring labor market and business experts from Prince William County, Virginia. Our close location was not only ideal to this customer but also convenient and cost-saving.

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3. Convenience and Accessiblity

Hiring a local video production company is often simply convenient. Dealing with a remote video production company, whether they are in another state or another city, means you may never meet in person and all communications will be through video, phone call, email, or text. This may really put a strain on building solid a customer to client relationship. Not to mention hiring a local video production company means you can film and reshoot everything, if needed. It is also less risky.

4. Clear Communication and Efficiency

Clear communication is key to the successful creation of any video content, be it for promotional purposes or any other reason. Often, miscommunication can lead to delays, low-quality production, or missed opportunities. By working with a local video production company, you can avoid complications that come with remote collaboration. You can maintain clear communication throughout the production process, which will help both parties understand the expectations better and align their efforts to achieve the desired outcome.

Better communication often leads to higher efficiency. By avoiding miscommunications and complications with the video production company you hire, chances of getting your desired video product faster and on-time.

5. Supports Local Community

There is no better feeling than to do business with a local business who not only does a good job but actually benefits from your business. By choosing a local video production company, you are not only supporting your own business but also contributing to the local community’s growth. Local businesses rely on each other to thrive and grow. By working with a local production company, you can ensure that the money flows within the local community, helping to create jobs and boost the area’s economy. It also builds a better relationship between businesses and communities.

5. Choose Local, Choose Wisely!

Choosing a local video production company can be a smart and effective decision for your business because it allows you to create high-quality videos that are aligned with local preferences, is more convenient for your needs, is the best value for your money in the long-term, and is more efficient, meanwhile supporting your local community! By focusing on the community connection, communication, cost-effectiveness, and local expertise, you can build a successful video production strategy that helps your business thrive. A local video production company can create an emotional connection with the audience that no remote production company can achieve.

For TriVision, one of the top reasons customers may choose or NOT choose to work with us is our location. Being located in Fairfax County and about half an hour from Washington DC, allows us to work with a wide range of clients in the DMV region, including small businesses, large IT companies, nonprofits, schools, and the federal government.

However, we believe our true strength lies in our large studio space, large LED video walls and soundstage, modern amenities, experience, and powerful client portfolio. If you are in the DMV area looking to hire a local video production company who can do everything creative in-house, we may be the right company for you! Email us to set up a studio tour [email protected].

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