3 Ways Animation Videos Can Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

November 16, 2022

If you’re looking for a way to take your social media marketing to the next level, animation is a great option to explore. When used properly, animation can help you capture attention, convey complex messages, and stand out from the competition. Here are three ways that animation videos can help elevate your social media marketing:

Animation Helps You Stand Out from Competition

In a world where social media users are bombarded with content on a daily basis, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and capture attention. But with animation, you can make your content more eye-catching and engaging, which will help it stand out from the rest. Whether you use animated GIFs or short videos, adding some movement to your content will help grab users’ attention and stop them from scrolling right past your post.

Animation Helps You Convey Complex Messages.

If you’re trying to communicate a complex message or concept through social media, animation can be a helpful tool. By breaking down your message into simple visuals, you can make it easier for users to understand. And since animation is inherently attention-grabbing, it can also help ensure that users actually pay attention to and process the information you’re trying to communicate.

Animation Elevates Your Brand.

Since not everyone is using animation in their social media marketing yet, incorporating it into your strategy can help you and your brand stand out from the pack. It adds a touch of professionalism to your brand and builds credibility to make your brand stand out.

Animation doesn’t require sound to be effective. According to Verizon Media, 69% of consumers watch videos online without sound, which means animation can still relay your message effectively via text, motion graphics, characters, vivid colors and artistic imagery.


Does Animation Make Sense for Your Brand?

Most definitely. According to a Brightcove survey, 85% of millennials have purchased a product or service after watching a video on social media. There is no question that animated videos grab more attention, are memorable and influence buyer decisions. And many times, animation videos are more most cost effective than producing live action footage with sets, actors and actresses.

The team at TriVision does this well by creating stunning 3D animation and 2D motion graphics for clients of all sizes and industries. These animated videos are not only used for their social media marketing, but also as a tool to help convey complex messages, introduce a brand within a video, or as a background visual on video walls during an event. Animation is all-around effective tool that should be considered as part of any professional brand’s marketing strategy.