Is Virtual Production LED Video Wall Replacing Green Screen?

A silent revolution is happening in the film and production industry. Virtual production LED video walls are enabling film studios and production companies to create immersive and dynamic sets and backgrounds, based on simple LED panels instead of elaborate and costly set designs.

LED video walls is a revolutionary way to create stunning backgrounds using a massive multi-panel display configuration consisting of many smaller, high pixel density panels configured to create one single massive LED video display.

Virtual production is often the term used to refer to this new type of video production method using a huge cyclorama curving around a central space for props, physical sets and live actors.

Among many other benefits, a LED video wall provides a new level of control to a production which is absent in a traditional green screen shoot by allowing the production crew to capture the visual effects LIVE on set.

video production in dc
Virtual Production LED Video Wall Studio in Washington DC

This means the action and the background are happening at once, allowing everyone – including directors and actors/speakers – to make adjustments in real-time.

Probably the biggest difference between shooting on green screen vs. LED wall is the post-production process. It takes much less time and effort to edit and reduces overall costs.

Advantages of LED Video Wall vs. Green Screen

  • Stunning 3D virtual graphics and LED background allows any live streaming event or virtual production more professional and feel in-person
  • LED walls avoid green spill issues caused by green screens
  • Can change backdrop immediately without any downtime and additional cost
  • LED technology provides lighting while with green screen, lighting must be adjusted in each scene
  • Immersive environment allows directors, actors or speakers to make adjustments on set
  • Reduces post-production time and cost
  • Improves overall efficiency of each production

video production in dc

Why Green Screen? Video Production Studio in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Shares Insider Tips

Does this mean we are witnessing the end of the Green Screen era? Not necessarily just yet, as green screen studio is still widely used. However, Virtual Production LED video wall is definitely taking over the industry and here to stay for the years to come.

If you are looking for a video production company in the Washington DC metro area that has the Virtual Production studios available to take your next production, conference or live streaming event to the next level, contact us at TriVision Studios.

TriVision Studios provides multiple studio sets containing both green screen, white cyc and LED video walls. We recently installed an additional, bigger and better wraparound, high resolution 5K video walls in our main studio that has been used for many different productions, big or small.

To learn more about our full-service virtual and hybrid production capabilities, feel free to book a tour at our studio.



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